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How to wrap your hands for boxing (The importance of wrapping hands)

Do you always use handwraps?

As we keep mentioning throughout our site, safety should be your number one concern when you first enter the world of boxing – whether it’s sparring and training, a professional fight, or just punching in some holes on the heavy bag.

When it comes to safety, buying high-quality boxing gloves helps a lot, but we want to emphasize the importance of another vital item – boxing wraps. Hand wraps play a key part in keeping your hands safe and your wrists and knuckles free from injury so it’s important to know how to properly wrap your hands before you start throwing punches.

Injuries during boxing training are frequent, especially for a beginner who has only recently discovered the boxing world, for example – punching something with your fist angled the wrong way may cause injuries and severe pain to your joints. When it comes to long-term injuries, what hurts even more is the state of mind you fall into by not being able to train for weeks, even months.

To minimize the risk of that happening, you should be wearing hand wraps at all times. Wrapping your hands is an ideal first challenge in building discipline – something much needed to learn the art of boxing.

Is there really a difference between boxing wraps?

There are two main types of boxing wraps – training wraps and competition wraps.

Training wraps come in all sizes and lengths and they’re made out of various materials so different wraps will differ in durability and elasticity.

Professional fighters have their hands wrapped with gauze and tape, all according to competition rules which, in an effort to keep things fair and even, specify the exact amount of wrapping that each fighter can have.

Is there a perfect way to wrap your hands for boxing?

There’s no single perfect way to wrap your hands, and most fighters and coaches will do it a bit differently, but there are two very important things to keep in mind, no matter the wrapping style – locking and securing you wrist, and thumb and knuckle protection.

It’s hard to keep it short while explaining how to do it properly, so check out how it’s done in video:

Learn How To Do It!


This was our short guide about wrapping your hands for boxing! Let us know if you would like to see more videos with different ways of wrapping your hands?

What type of handwraps do you use and do you use them every time you train? Share with us in the comment section!

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