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Grant Boxing Gloves 2019 – Gloves for professionals (Review)

Grant Worldwide was founded in 1995 in New York, but they manufacture boxing gloves in Mexico.

Grant’s first appearance ever was in a boxing world championship fight – which is a great achievement! Most of the brands start slowly from the bottom while they build their reputation to be included in big fights.

Grant Boxing is one of the most recognizable boxing brands in the World, producing what they call “toys” for some of the best boxers around – big names such as Floyd Mayweather , Gennady Golovkin – the so called “GGG“ and many more..

In case you live under the rock and you haven’t heard about Floyd Mayweather, he is a retired American professional boxer with a record 50-0. The last time he wore Grant gloves under the lights was against UFC’s superstar, Conor Mcgregor.

From the other side of the world, coming from Kazakhstan, Gennady Golovkin is a professional boxer who also holds undefeated record with 37 wins. His next fight is against Canelo Alvarez on 16. September.

How good are Grant boxing gloves?

As we all know, Grant is a hot topic right now –

they appear in movies, commercials, and their name is all over the boxing world…

But what’s the real story?

Their most popular product is definitely boxing gloves, but they also manufacture other boxing equipment like headgear, trunks and heavy bags.

Question is – Are Grant boxing gloves really that good?

As we already mentioned, Grant has been around for a long time and they undoubtedly deserve a spot amongst the world’s best boxing gloves brands – offering several models of high-quality gloves.

Some professionals like them very much and use them on a regular basis while others don’t like them very much.

To give you an example, We have spoken to a Hall of Famer boxer Darren Maciunski about his thoughts on Grant gloves and this is his reply:

Darren maciunski

“Grant gloves are one of my favorite choices. Their quality is great and they look very professional. Even though price can be up to $500 per pair I recommend them highly. I’m always pleased with how they fit and preform”

Darren Maciunski, Checkmates Boxing

Grant boxing gloves availability (Where to buy Grant gloves?)

If you’ve ever set out to buy a pair of Grant gloves, the first thing you probably noticed was that they’re not that easy to get a hold of.

There are fakes being sold on Amazon, ebay and other services, but new, genuine Grant gloves can be ordered only through their official Facebook page or their e-mail order service.

That’s right – it’s 2019 and Grant still doesn’t have its own website, a fact that many find quite unprofessional.

Their Official boxing gloves have a two-label authentication logo inside of them with a “made in Mexico” stamp and there is a big difference between official and fake ones.

On the other side, a lot of boxing enthusiasts think that Grant doesn’t really care about the general public, they care only about the famous and professional fighters. That was confirmed by saying that it’s always about Floyd Mayweather and making sure that they take care of his hands – “That’s what’s most important – Take care of the half a billion dollar hands”.

So if you want Official Grant boxing gloves, you have to contact them through mail, prepare at least $400, wait few months for them to be made, and then week or two for shipping.

Grant boxing gloves price?

Let’s talk about price!

Grant’s gloves prices start at $400 and the number only goes up. They do offer good overall protection, they are durable and they look very good compared to Winning’s or Cleto Reyes boxing gloves, but their price is high and it’s some people think it’s not justified –

Some people say: “messy stitches and velcro problems are unacceptable on a $400 boxing glove.”

It really does seem that, when it comes to making a quality product, they focus their efforts on professional Boxers like Floyd Mayweather and that they don’t care that much about the products they ship out to the general public.

But we are here to help general public, and if you have questions about ordering Grant boxing gloves, please let us know!

Grant boxing gloves models

We’d like to introduce you to some of Grant’s models, look at the differences between them, and give you our opinion on whether or not they are worth the price.

Let’s dive straight into our Grant Boxing Gloves review where you can check out their pros and cons, the different models they offer, find out where to buy them and finally – see if their hefty price tag is justified.

Grant Boxing Gloves:

  1. Grant Boxing Training Gloves 16oz
  2. Grant Professional Boxing Gloves 14oz
  3. Grant Professional Fighting Gloves 10oz

Grant Boxing Training Gloves 16oz

These beautiful Mexican style boxing gloves are made out of quality leather and come in two different color combinations (red with black and white and black with red and white).

These are great gloves for training and sparring because of their great padding, although the top of the glove is a bit dense for just a sparring glove.

The gloves have a lace-up system for wrist lock and the laces are super long. The wrist support is nice and thick with more padding, and the attached thumb is included.

One major downside of these gloves is the messy stitches all around the gloves which need to be improved if they want to keep their price of $400+. Yeah, their price starts at $400 while they don’t offer the kind of extraordinary protection. They could be more ergonomic and more durable.

As with all of Grant’s products, these gloves can only be ordered through their Social Media.

Grant Professional Boxing Gloves 14oz

Grant manufactures beautiful boxing gloves in their Professional Series, and here we take a look at the Grant Professional Boxing Gloves 14oz, made for training and great for sparring.

These gloves come in lace-up and hook & loop variants, and even though they both offer great wrist support and have a lot of padding – the lace-up version is superior in terms of safety and the level of wrist support which comes with a tighter fit that the laces provide.

The velcro on the hook & loop version of these Grant boxing gloves could be better –

it starts wearing away very soon and after prolonged use it gets very irritating to spar with them since you can end up scratching your partners face all over.

Both versions include the attached thumb feature.

Grant Professional Fighting Gloves 10oz

The last model of Grant boxing gloves we would like to present are the Grant Professional Fighting Gloves 10oz.

They look and feel tiny compared to 14oz or 16oz sizes as they are made for fighting. They are smaller, with less padding, designed to inflict more damage on the opponent during competitive bouts.

These fighting gloves are made from leather and they have a stylish logo both at the top the glove and on the wrist in the form of a plastic square sign stitched on. These boxing gloves include the attached thumb; they are compact and feel comfortable to wear.

The problem with these gloves is the same as with every product made by Grant – they are very expensive.

The price starts at $400 and they have the same messy stitching as the previous models we mentioned.


Grant is one of the best boxing gloves brands in the world while at the same time being the only brand that is so ridiculously pricey. They offer high quality boxing equipment and some of the best boxing gloves on the planet! They are comfortable, made from high quality leather and custom designed each time, but their price and more availability is break for most of the people.

Let us know what you think about Grant and their boxing gloves in the comments!

Is their price justified or are they overpriced?

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