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Boxing Gloves for Kids (And Safety of Youth Boxing)

It’s great to introduce your child to sports as soon as you can, and to talk to them about training. From an early age they can develop discipline, strength and it can greatly benefit their health. Kids are also taught self-defense and they can hang out with their friends in a very fun environment. Fighting King will guide you with what to do if your kid is interested in martial arts or fighting, why and when it is good to start boxing and help you with choosing the best boxing gloves for kids.

Is boxing safe for kids?

Most uninformed people, including pediatricians and doctors around the world, consider boxing as an activity where kids are “encouraged and rewarded for hitting each other in the head”, which is absolutely not true.

Firstly, there’s no physical contact between kids (and with that no risk of them injuring each other) without sparring – something that they definitely won’t do for a while after their first training.

Furthermore, your kids will never be punching bags, nor will they use other kids as punching bags. With the supervision of a trainer (if you think about training your kid by yourself, we hope you know what you’re doing) they will start with movement exercises which will improve their motor skills, learn some beginner punches and stretching exercises – all in a safe environment, surrounded by their peers.

Boxing training is also an amazing way to get your kids off the streets and help them get rid of excess energy and negative emotions.  Fighting King believes that there’s no problem with preschool kids engaging in boxing and learning the before mentioned movement exercises, stretches and beginner punches. Still, before you decide to enroll your kids in boxing training, it’s a good idea to check out the training with them beforehand, talk to the trainer and see how the kids are treated.

Ultimately, boxing as a sport cannot ever be damaging to your kids; as an example – kids are hurt more often during football training, with constant sliding and tackling being the main cause of various injuries.

Lastly, boxing teaches kids how to think and react without panicking in potentially dangerous situations and how (not) to react in potential conflicts with people.

Kid’s gloves are specifically designed to fit a smaller hand size. There are no lace-up gloves being made for kids, they’re all hook & loop models with sizes ranging from 2oz to 6oz, depending on the kids age.

Best Rated Boxing Gloves for Kids in 2019

There are multiple manufacturers dedicated to making boxing gloves for kids so let’s check out the differences between them:

Everlast Youth Boxing Gloves:

The Everlast Youth Boxing gloves are kid’s gloves with very little padding, made for kids between 4-8 years of age.

They’re not made for punching, “real boxing” or competing, but they’re great for training and heavy bag/mitt work.

They are made out of premium synthetic leather and they are durable. They have an easy slip-on design and the elastic seems very strong and durable, and they’re really easy to put on! These kid’s gloves are sturdy enough and comfortable to wear but they are a bit bulky and while it’s awkward to make a proper fist with them, they do have plenty of space for the hand.

All in all, customers are really satisfied with this product and the kids love them! For that price, your kid can have a good pair of his first fun boxing gloves.

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Cheerwing PU Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Dajn Boxing Gloves Training Age 5-10 Years

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These kids boxing gloves are made of high-quality PU leather and they are durable. They should fit kids from 5 to 10 years of age and they come in the 4oz size. They are specifically designed to conform to children’s small fists.

They have an elastic wrist strap (as is the case with most of the kid’s boxing gloves models) which allows for a great fit and an even better wrist support.

Little holes for ventilation will keep the kid’s small hands dry and fresh. Cheerwing Kids boxing gloves have great density and weight even compared to some adult boxing gloves and they are made for hitting heavy bags. They are definitely one of the best kid’s boxing gloves you can find and their price is really good.

Physical Success Kids Boxing Gloves 2oz

These one of the best boxing gloves for kids are made for kids ranging from 2 to 4 years of age and they are made out of durable vinyl.

They are designed with a pro style fit – unlike other boxing gloves for youth you can find on the market. They really look like professional gloves but in a smaller package.

They have the Velcro wrist support which will keep your child’s wrist protected while they’re learning to punch the heavy bag or mitts (as we mentioned already, you shouldn’t let kids at that age spar and hit each other).

They have a good price and these Physical Success Kids Boxing Gloves are a good choice for introducing your little one to boxing and making them look like a pro!

These gloves are amongst the more expensive models in this category but their price is 100% justified. They also come in two color variations: blue and red.

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Farabi Kids boxing gloves 4Oz

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These cool, professional looking kid’s boxing gloves are meant for kids from 4 to 7 years of age. They are 4oz gloves and even though they are “made for sparring” we don’t recommend it.

They are made out of synthetic leather and they are a durable, quality pair of boxing gloves. They come in four different color variations: black, blue, red and white and there is no difference in quality between them.

They also have a long wrist strap. The Velcro is high quality and won’t wear off fast. Kids love the look and feel of these gloves while the ventilation holes keep their hands dry.

Definitely one of the best picks for your little champ.

Revgear Youth Boxing Gloves

Revgear boxing gloves for kids/youth come in the size of 6oz and they are made out of synthetic leather. Their main features are good wrist support and the great shape of the glove which helps and encourages your child to make a proper fist, which is very important.

These gloves are designed for kids ranging from 6 to 9 years of age. These gloves are very similar to the Physical Success boxing gloves model in regards to quality and design; they have a great Velcro strap which provides solid wrist support. These boxing gloves are designed for training and hitting the heavy bag or mitts (hitting pads) and they are not meant for sparring.

Overall they’re great quality, comfortable gloves and a lot of kids are satisfied with them.

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BreaDeep Children Kids Leather Boxing Gloves for Training Sparring Show/ Performances, Age 3-12 Years Old

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BreaDeep makes gloves for kids ranging from 3 up to 12 years of age.

They are cool boxing gloves suitable for training and hitting the heavy bag or hitting pads (mitts). These boxing gloves are made from PU leather and they are very durable.

Unlike most of the other kid’s boxing gloves, these have the layered foam padding with a special gel for hand protection. They come in three different colors – black, blue and red and they sport a very cool flames design.

Even though their official name is pointing to sparring, we hope that your 3 year old kid won’t spar!

Great gloves for a great price!

Kuyou Kids Boxing Gloves, Pu Kids Children Cartoon Sparring Boxing Gloves Training Age 5-12 Years

Kuyou kid’s boxing gloves are, same as most other kid’s gloves models, made from synthetic leather and other high quality and durable materials which makes them easier to clean and maintain.

They are made for kids ranging from 5-12 years of age and they are 4oz sized gloves. These gloves have a great, long Velcro strap ensuring proper control and safety.

The gloves are easy to put on and kids love their three different colors: blue, orange and red.

They don’t include ventilation holes.

This model is one of the cheapest ones you can find in the kid’s boxing gloves category and their quality is great for the price.

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Focus Kids Inflatable Mega Boxing Gloves

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As their name implies, these are the mega inflatable boxing gloves great for fun and parties.

They are recommended for anyone from 5 years to adult age.

They are constructed out durable PVC and they also come with a repair patch.

Great for fun and nothing more!


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