Boxing Gloves Brands in 2019 (Reviews)

As is the case with many other products, different boxing gloves brands equal different quality – it’s as simple as that. Some boxing gloves manufacturers make high-end and high-quality expensive gloves, while others make cheaper and low-quality products.

Boxing gloves have different sizes and weight, different kinds of padding for knuckle protection, they can be leathered or vinyl, lace-up or velcro, and the list goes on and on. If you want to know more about the differences between boxing gloves, please visit our Ultimate Buyer’s guide!

Fighting King advises not to buy underpriced boxing gloves in supermarkets because you can seriously injure your hands. We’re not telling you to buy the most expensive gloves but we stick to the opinion that some standards must be met. Quality gloves last longer and protect your hands and knuckles better – they are a worthy investment in the long run.

Let us inform you about the top boxing glove brands!  

1. Winning Boxing Gloves

winning best boxing brand
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Winning Boxing Gloves are gloves of exceptional quality. Made in Japan, they are definitely the best and most used boxing gloves in the world of professional boxing. They provide what’s probably the best knuckle protection available on the market – they’re sometimes referred to as “pillows” because of their use of layered, very comfortable padding. As we note in our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide, the better the protection (padding), the less force is transferred through to the wrist, lowering the risk of injury.

Because of the high amount of padding, Winning Boxing gloves are generally not used in professional matches, but it’s the padding that makes them perfect for training and sparring, and most professionals (including Conor McGregor) use them for that purpose. High quality durable leather puts these gloves on another level – they can last for up to 10 years. As you probably suspect, with the extraordinary quality these gloves possess, their price is quite high – Winning justifies it.

Even though you probably won’t use them in professional fights, it’s very likely they’ll become your favorite gloves!

2. Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant best boxing brands
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Next to Winning, Grant takes the spot on the podium as one of the best boxing glove brands. Their gloves are hand made in Mexico and their build quality is outstanding with one of the best stitching jobs you can find on the market. These custom made boxing gloves provide excellent overall protection, and their design is fantastic.

Unlike Winning’s boxing gloves, Grants are made for punchers and they are often used in competitions. The only way to order these gloves is through their e-mail order service – which takes a while, and their price is even higher than Winnings. They do have a facebook page, so you can check what they’re offering. Unlike Winning and Reyes boxing gloves, Grants sport a much more modern design offering many more colors.

3. Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves brands
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The third legend of Boxing glove Brands – Cleto Reyes makes only the highest quality gloves with high quality materials – these gloves are made out of goat leather. Similar to Grant’s boxing gloves, the Reyes are made for knocking your opponents out, and are also often used in competitions and fights – reason being they are filled with less padding.

The padding is also the reason why these gloves are not suggested for sparring since having less padding gives you less protection but more knockout power, but there are some training models with additional padding available. Out of famous boxers, Manny Pacquiao is a stern supporter of these gloves.

Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves belong to the most expensive boxing gloves category, but their price is also justified.

4. Top King Gloves

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The Top King brand is a Muay Thai equivalent to the Grant Boxing Gloves in the boxing world (but more available than Grant). If you’ve ever seen a Thailand national martial art match – you probably noticed their logo somewhere. Their fighting equipment, including boxing gloves, is made out of the finest cow leather.

Top King offers high quality sets of different models of equipment, ranging from plain, to fancy and professional gloves, shin guards, headgear, mitts/pads – even shorts and hand wraps. Top King has its own unique, world-recognized style and identity, offering great usability, durability, flexibility and safety. The gloves’ padding is heavy and it offers amazing hand and wrist protection.

Comparing their price to quality, we think they are almost underpriced. For what you pay, you get high quality, very comfortable gloves with beautiful, modern design and you can use them both for training and sparring.

Fighting King’s favorite!

5. Fairtex Gloves

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Fairtex is a very recognizable manufacturer of fighting equipment for Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), producing only high quality, premium products. Similar to Top King and Twins (next on our list), if you’ve watched even a little Muay Thai, you’ve probably noticed their equipment, and you can find them in most gyms around. The main reasons Fairtex is so successful are their unique formula for the padding, and their unique design. Depending on their size, the Fairtex boxing gloves can be used for training, heavy bag or mitts and sparring sessions. Their gloves are light and offer great wrist support. Next to gloves, Fairtex is manufacturing shin guards, headgear, heavy bags and other training equipment, including training bags and backpacks.

Fun fact: Fairtex is regularly donating money, equipment and clothes to children and poor communities. They’re involved in many charity projects around the world and we thank them for being humble and helping in making the world a better place.

6. Twins Gloves

Twins best boxing brand
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Twins, or Twins Special was founded by two brothers from Thailand and their equipment is made out of the world’s finest quality materials when it comes to Thai Boxing. The smell of their leather will keep you and your hands happy for a long time!

Next to boxing gloves, Twins is offering head gear, shin guards, training gear and all kinds of fightware and accessories. It’s safe to say that Twins special is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of Muay Thai.

Their price, while still considered high, is generally a bit lower than the other high-end gloves brands.  The Twins’ most popular model is the Twins Special Gloves (BGVL3), known for their 3-layer padding which provides amazing safety and extreme comfort.

7. Venum Gloves

venum best boxing brand
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Venum is elite boxing gloves brand who was mostly known for manufacturing equipment for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

In 2012, they sponsored up to ten fighters during one single UFC event. Wanderlei Silva was also the cover of Venum in 2011.

They are also manufacturing combat equipment for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Karate including accessories like t-shirts and more.

Their best boxing gloves are Venum Challenger 2.0, Venum Giant 3.0 and Venum Elite.

8. Hayabusa Gloves

hayabusa best boxing brand
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As they say on their website, “Hayabusa” (hi-ya-boo-sa) is the Japanese word for a Peregrine Falcon. Referring to the falcon’s renowned speed, power and strength – Hayabusa strives to combine tradition and technology.

Their most famous models of boxing gloves are the Hayabusa T3 – known for its enhanced wrist support, unbelievable durability and ultimate comfort, it’s one of the best boxing gloves models currently available on the market.

Their style is very modern with beautiful design and colors. They offer a lot of other combat equipment as well – headgear, BJJ and Karata Gi’s, Compressions and Youth Gear.

9. Ringside Gloves

ringside best boxing brand
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Ringside is a Boxing glove brand hailing from the United Kingdom and they’ve been in the boxing equipment business for over thirty years. Apart from boxing gloves, they offer a wide array of headgear, trunks, bags, even rings and other accessories.

The Ringside boxing gloves sport a cool design and some of their models use the injected molded foam padding (IMF) which is great for knuckle protection. For a really good price, these gloves will last long enough and they’re recommended for all types of training.

10. Ring To Cage Gloves

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Ring To Cage is a boxing gloves brand from North Carolina and they craft premium gear which continually receives praise from fighters and coaches from around the world.

They offer various types of gloves, both velcro and lace-up for different types of training. Their most popular gloves and best boxing gloves are the Ring To Cage Japanese-Style Training Boxing Gloves 2.0 – often compared to Winning’s gloves because of their light weight.

Their gloves are made out of cowhide leather and they feature great protection and wrist support. They also develop headgears, BJJ Kimonos / Gi’s, punching bags and body care products.

11. Everlast Boxing Gloves

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Everlast is one of the most recognizable brands in the boxing world and they offer any kind of equipment you can imagine – literally!

Out of all the glove brands, they probably sell the most boxing gloves per year, but are they good enough?

Yes if you look at their pro models which are a bit more expensive, but if we’re talking about the cheaper, low tier models that can easily be found in supermarkets – not so much! Sorry to say, but their low end models are considered as one of the worst boxing gloves money can buy.

On the other side, their pro models are great and recommended by many fighters and coaches.

Their high end boxing gloves have great support and they are very sturdy with great balance.  Their most popular models are the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves and the Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves.

12. Rival Boxing Gloves

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Rival Boxing Gear is Canada’s leading, is Canada’s leading, high quality brand with stylish and innovative products and it shows when you look at their boxing gloves.

Their most popular model and the ultimate sparring glove is the Rival High Performance Sparring Gloves (RS2V). Beside sparring gloves they offer great gloves for bag training and two different models of fight gloves.

All of the Rival gloves are very well padded providing great protection for your knuckles and solid support for your wrists. Their models are durable, high quality, comfortable and good looking.

13. Title Boxing Gloves

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Title Boxing was established in 1998 focusing only on boxing equipment, but in 2007 they expanded into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) field and did a pretty good job at it.

You can find all types of different gloves from Title Boxing; from training to bag work, sparring and competition gloves. One of the most popular products from Title is the Gel World Bag/Sparring Gloves with multi-layered padding.

Title gloves are appreciated for their comfort by people who usually suffer knuckle pain and they are well-made and durable.

14. Adidas Boxing Gloves

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Adidas is a famous sports equipment company that manufactures clothing, shoes and all kinds of different sporting goods and accessories. Unsurprisingly, Adidas also makes boxing gloves and some of them are not bad at all!

We recommend you avoid their flashy, cheap gloves which are not as durable and check out the Adidas Super Pro Training Gloves, made from genuine cowhide leather with extra padding and a padded finger bar for more safety.

15. Windy Gloves

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Last on our list is Windy, a Muay Thai gloves manufacturer from Thailand. Almost all of the Windy boxing gloves are handcrafted and they are made out of genuine leather. Even though they are made in Thailand, their durability is not the best and most fighters prefer Top King, Twins or Fairtex.

Windy’s boxing gloves are simply and elegantly designed but there’s an ongoing discussion about whether or not they are worth their price tag.


Now you know more about Boxing glove brands from all around the world! Where some of them make only boxing gloves, others offer all sorts of fighting equipment. Some brands are more expensive – and worthy of their price tag, but some of them are not.

Give us your thoughts about Boxing Glove Brands – Which one of them is your favorite? Which one is your least favorite? And of course, if you think we missed someone worthy of being on the list, please let us know!