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Best Adidas Boxing Gloves 2019 (Reviews)

Except you’re living under the rock, you’ve heard about Adidas – a multinational corporation from Germany that designs and manufactures clothing, shoes, accessories as well as boxing gloves. They are largest manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world (following Nike).

Boxing Sponsorship

Adidas was the Official Sponsor of the AIBA World Championships 2017. Their boxing equipment is licensed equipment for AIBA boxing events. Last Elite AIBA Men’s World Championships took place in Hamburg, Germany in 2017 where the best boxers across the globe fought for that prestigious title over 9 days.

Adidas is also sponsor for professional boxers: Arthur Abraham – multiple-time former world champion in two weight classes, Kell Brook – former IBF welterweight champion and  Chris Algieri – American professional boxer and former undefeated kickboxer.

Okay, now when we all know something about Adidas, let’s talk about the real reason why you’re here – to find more about Adidas boxing gloves!

NOTE: Please, have in mind that a lot of people on the internet say that Adidas boxing gloves suck and only good boxing product from them are boxing shoes. But in reality, it’s not like that. Yeah, some of their products are bad, but some of them are great comparing to boxing gloves you can find around.


Adidas is well known worldwide and it’s not difficult to find their products, but they are, however, better known in Europe than in the US. You can find their boxing equipment, including boxing gloves in a local stores (mostly in Europe), on Amazon or through Title Boxing Shop.


You can find Adidas boxing gloves in range from $40 to $500. That being said, you need to be very careful picking your gloves – do some research on models before you buy!

Luckily, you’re here so you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Gloves models:

Here is a compilation of the best Adidas Boxing Gloves to help you pick a pair that suits you best. For each pair of gloves we will talk about quality, durability, comfort and available colors/sizes (not in that order). First I’ll talk about leather gloves and later you can find about PU gloves, but take a look at those only if you’re absolute beginner.

Adidas Hybrid 200

  • Leather Gloves
  • $$
  • All types of training

Adidas Hybrid 300

  • Leather Gloves
  • $$$
  • All types of training

AIBA Boxing

  • Leather Gloves
  • $$$
  • Competition


  • Leather Gloves
  • $
  • Heavy Bag & Training

Adidas Speed 175

  • Leather Gloves
  • $
  • Heavy Bag

Hybrid 100

  • PU (artificial leather)
  • $
  • Easy Training

Adidas Hi-Tek Pro

  • PU (artificial leather)
  • $$$
  • Training

Adidas Box-Fit

  • PU (artificial leather)
  • $$
  • Training

Adidas Speedex

  • PU (artificial leather)
  • $
  • Easy Training

Adidas Hybrid series

One of the most popular series from Adidas boxing gloves is Hybrid series of. There are 3 most populat products:

  • Hybrid 100 – PU (artificial leather) boxing gloves made for starters who need to develop their boxing skill.
  • Hybrid 200 – durable leather boxing gloves. They will last longer and offer better support.
  • Hybrid 300 – premium gloves in series made for professionals (or someone who train like one…)

Adidas Hybrid 100 Training Gloves

Have these in mind only if you’re picking your first boxing gloves. This budget boxing gloves are made from PU (artificial leather) and they are not for heavy and/or frequent training sessions because they are not durable at all.

They are comfortable hook & loop gloves but, except they are PU, they don’t include as much padding as Hybrid 200 or Hybrid 300, they don’t have padding on wrist-locking system and their stitching is not the best.

Comparing Hybrid 100 Training Gloves with other budget boxing gloves, they are very good gloves for absolute beginners.

They come in 2 different color patterns (black/white and black/yellow) and 3 different sizes (12oz, 14oz and 16oz)

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Adidas Hybrid 200 Training Gloves

These gloves are midrange gloves in the series and they are made for experienced boxers.

Hybrid 200 Training Gloves are made of premium grade leather. Wrist-locking system includes very good and strong Velcro but it’s not as good as one in Hybrid 300.

Thumb is attached with canvas attachment which makes your thumb secured (and your training partners from accidentally sticking thumb in their eyes).

They are durable boxing gloves, good for both training and sparring but they are slightly worse  version of Hybrid 300 when it comes to wrist support and material. If you’re not on a budget, definitely thing about Hybrid 300 model.

Hybrid 200 come in 4 different color patterns (black/gold, white/black, blue/red, red/blue) and 3 different sizes (12oz, 14oz and 16oz)

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There is also laced version of Adidas Hybrid 200 but I have never tried them.

Adidas Hybrid 300 Training Gloves

The Adidas Hybrid 300 Training gloves pack some of the best features that are provided by Adidas’ range of boxing gloves. This pair is an absolute beast when it comes to performance and quality, leaving its competitors far behind at this price level.

This pair features a multi-layer foam and combines impact resistance with unique dampening, making it an excellent choice for professionals, especially for hard heavy bag work.

There is a lot of padding on the top of the glove and wrist locking system is padded as well.

The durable construction and the high-quality material (genuine cowhide leather) used to make this pair mean they are incredibly durable and sturdy. On some gloves, bumps start to appear on top of the glove sooner than they should. It doesn’t affect performance, but aesthetically that might be annoying.

Another great aspect featured in these gloves are the full wraparound wrist strap and they have padding around. Also, extra elastic band is included on wrist-locking system for better protection of your wrist and forearm. With longer cuff, handwraps, that much padding and great hook & loop, you should be good to go! They really took care about safety!

You can rely on these gloves for both training and sparring and also use them for bag or mitts work.

If you’re not absolute beginner and you love to train, grab yourselves a pair of these to get the maximum value for your money.

There are 6 different color patterns and 3 different sizes (12oz, 14oz and 16oz).

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There is another version of Adidas Hybrid 300 which is Adidas Hybrid 300 Secure Fit Bag Gloves with different wrist locking system.

Adidas AIBA Boxing Gloves Blue

The AIBA Boxing gloves are perfect for amateurs who are looking take the battle to the ring. This pair of gloves by Adidas is ‘AIBA Licensed’ meaning they are approved by AIBA for use in amateur tournaments. They are an excellent choice if you’re an amateur and looking to compete.

Made with excellent quality cowhide leather, the build quality is absolutely fantastic and durable. Weighing at 10oz, these are designed to perform well in competitions.

High-quality IMF Foam padding that has high compression ensures exceptional shock absorption. It also comes with a wrap around hook and loop strap closing system which guarantees the gloves will stay securely fit on your wrists.

This pair is very similar to the gloves that were used in the Olympics in 2012, so be assured you’re receiving a great quality product. Every pair of the AIBA Boxing gloves also come with an AIBA Approved Sticker. Available in a color of blue, these are an excellent choice if you’re looking to invest in a decent pair of boxing gloves.

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Adidas ULTIMA Training Gloves

Adidas being a global leader in sports gear, never fail to deliver when it comes to quality sports equipment. The Adidas ULTIMA Training Gloves is yet another example of the superior quality of Adidas products.

This pair is made of 100% genuine high-quality leather and these gloves are great when it comes to durability and build quality.

Full leather gloves are usually preferred by most professionals for obvious reasons; one of which is the fact that they last much longer. These gloves also feature an improved layer of padding for better shock absorption. They also have an integrated gel which provides maximum protection to the metacarpals.

They also have a significantly improved rigidity of the cuffs along with a Velcro closing which secures the grip on the wrists.

Ultima Training gloves come in two different color combinations (red/white and blue/white) in 3 different sizes (8oz, 10oz and 16oz)

Overall, a great pair of gloves at a price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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Adidas Speed 175 Leather Training Gloves

As name says, these one piece molded gloves are made from high quality cowhide leather and they are great for working on heavy bags!

They are quite comfortable, tight, puncher’s gloves and one piece provides great protection over the wrist and the back of the hand.

Speed 175 Leather gloves come in 2 different colors (white/gold and black/gold) and 3 different sizes (12oz, 14oz and 16oz)

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Adidas Super Pro Training Gloves

The final product in our list of best Adidas leather boxing gloves has got to be the Adidas Super Pro Training Gloves. This pair is among the best available in the market when it comes to performance and features. While being priced a tad bit higher than some of the gloves in the list, they certainly make it up when it comes to the amazing list of features they provide.

Made of genuine cowhide leather, with the palm in nubuck-II Pu high tech 100% artificial leather, these gloves are definitely among the best in its price range. They also have perforated leather middle.

A rigid double cuff which comes with extra padding and a contoured shape provides ample shock absorption and keeps your knuckles protected from injuries. Another surprising aspect of these gloves is the soft and raised fabric finger pub which has soft polyester fabric foam.

These gloves also have a padded finger bar that gives you maximum protection from during sparring. They also come with a 10cm/3.9in wide double elastic hook and loop closing system that allows for a secure fit and excellent adjustability. Coming in a black and gold color combo, these gloves are unmatched regarding utility at its price range.

Grab yourself a pair without hesitation.

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We recommend only genuine leather gloves but here are some PU (artificial leather) gloves worth mentioning if you’re an absolute beginner

Adidas Hi-Tek Pro Training Boxing Gloves

This pair of gloves is made of high-quality PU Hi-tech Synthetic Leather which guarantees that you have a long lasting pair of gloves that you can train with for a long time (comparing to other PU gloves).

Not bad wrist support thanks to the I-comfort and I-protect technology of Adidas. This pair will make sure you can train with your hands staying comfy and protected at all times.

Another great feature of these gloves is the hypoallergenic material that has been used to make this pair. So if you’re someone who is tired of itchy fists after long training sessions, this is your product right here. Adidas also provides you with a full wrap around Velcro which ensures a perfectly secure fit on your wrists.

The IMF foam padding again makes sure your knuckles stay protected from trauma. Overall, this is a highly recommended product for anyone that wishes to improve their training quality.

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Adidas Box-Fit Gloves

The Box Fitness Glove by Adidas is yet another budget pair that are unmatched in quality and performance in its price range. If you’re an amateur at the game and wish to get yourself a decent pair of gloves to improve your skills, this is just the pair for you.

Not only do these come packed with great features, but these things have also received attention for their aesthetic looks. This pair has just the right balance of aggressiveness and fanciness to its looks. Made of 3G Maya high-quality artificial leather, these are quite impressive regarding durability and build quality.

This pair comes with the Climacool Technology of Adidas which supplies ventilation and moisture management to create a nice cooling effect. These are incredibly comfortable on your wrists and hence suited for long training sessions. A retractable hook and loop elastic strap closing ensures a perfect fit on your wrists.

They also feature a mesh on the finger area plus a full moisture wicking palm which make sure your arms stay fresh and comfortable.

Box-Fit gloves come in white/orange and green/orange color combination and currently there is only 12oz model.

These are sure to satisfy your boxing needs – at a budget.

Check price – orange

Adidas Speedex Boxing Gloves

Great beginner’s budget gloves made from durable PU outside material and high compression IMF foam inside.

Speedbox gloves are comfortable and they have a solid velcro. They come in black/white color combination and in 2 different sizes (12oz and 14oz)

For low price, you will get solid beginner gloves, and they look great!

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There you have it, the list of the best and some not of the best Adidas boxing gloves available in the market. Make your choice carefully keeping in mind your requirements, and you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Please share with us if you’ve used any of these gloves and would you recommend ones that not on our list?

Till next time!