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Welcome to Fighting King and thank you for visiting our site. Fighting King was launched in 2017 with the aim of bringing our readers high quality, up-to-date articles and information from the world of combat sports. Focusing on fighting equipment, especially boxing gloves – Fighting King will  help you purchase the Best Boxing Gloves in 2019 with our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Fighting King has all the information you need, ranging from boxing gloves reviews where you can find the pros and cons and all the details about a particular product, to our top boxing gloves list. If you have any questions about martial arts, fighting and especially boxing – we’re here to answer them!

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There are thousands of different gloves available on the market, so what do you need to know before buying your first pair of boxing gloves? First of all, you’ll need to find the right size of the gloves for your hands and secondly – figure out the purpose for which they’re going to be used. Once you’ve figured out the important factors and you’ve settled on a product – it’s time to pick a design and a color that you like. Remember – safety first!

You can find all the information about size, various glove types and most importantly – safety, in our Best Boxing Gloves in 2019 list and our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

For people who know the brand they would like to buy but are still struggling with the model, we’ve categorized gloves by brands in our Best Boxing Gloves Brands section – so you can browse and look for the top gloves from each of the top manufacturers.

The last two categories on our site are Blog and Reviews. In these regularly updated sections, Fighting King brings you interesting and informational articles about boxing, fighting and martial arts in general. We provide suggestions and reviews about some of the best boxing gloves ever made – all of the products we recommend on our site are high quality boxing gloves and they’re carefully selected based on safety, quality, customer reviews and interviewing active fighters. Fighting King strives to be the best source of information on buying boxing gloves – we don’t want our readers to spend money on unsafe, low quality products.

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Fighting King is driven by one main goal – to provide our readers all the information they need about boxing gloves, and to present it with honesty. Users and readers of our site can rely on our reviews and we are happy to guide you – listen to us and we’re confident you won’t make a bad decision.

We are always looking to improve, and if you have any suggestions, questions or complaints – feel free to Contact Us! Our team will respond to you as soon as possible!

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